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How much should I budget for Music Licensing?

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The ClearMusic Solution


ClearMusic is a one-stop-shop for all of your music licensing needs. We act as an agent on your behalf to obtain the appropriate licenses from all Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) and ensure your compliance with copyright law.

Let ClearMusic help you!


Currently, businesses must obtain at least three different licenses from each of the three PROs (a number that may increase in the near future). That's three companies to deal with, multiple representatives to provide up-to-date information, and three or more sets of different bills -- and that still might not be enough to keep you protected from copyright infringement lawsuits.


Let ClearMusic help you!


If you perform music at your business without a license, your business could be liable for copyright infringement. PROs such as ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC sue businesses for millions of dollars in infringement penalties every year.


Let ClearMusic help you!


ClearMusic Customers

General Businesses - ClearMusic understands the world of music licensing is confusing and time consuming for business owners. ClearMusic is set up to consolidate ALL of your music licensing needs through a single source. If you are a business that performs music, whether live or recorded, as part of your business model, ClearMusic can help ensure you have the appropriate licensing and permissions in place so you can spend your time focusing on running your business and not worrying about infringement issues.  

Radio/TV/DigitalClearMusic is here to assist Radio, Television, & Digital in setting up and managing accounts on the NPREX platform. This can be anything from account set-up, catalog management, scenario analysis, or brokering deals with music creators. We can help ensure that you are only paying for the music you use, giving you the peace of mind that ClearMusic is working with you, so you can focus on your stations. 

Music Users - These can be General Businesses, Radio, Television, Internet , Schools, Symphonies, or any other business/orgnaization using music. Each has unique and special needs. Whether you are a customer of NPREX needing help administering your account, or a General Licensing Business looking for a simpler solution to ensure you have the appropriate licenses in place, ClearMusic is here to assist you. 

Music Creators ClearMusic is set up to administer the accounts of NPREX customers, in helping businesses such as Publishers, Songwriters, Record Labels and Artist set up and manage their accounts in order to take advantage of the NPREX  direct licensing service.


  • Securing and managing all necessary music licenses on your behalf.

  • Making it possible for you to pay for all music licenses in a single transaction. 

  • Working to achieve the best music licensing rates possible for your music needs.

  • Acting as a single source for answering your music licensing questions. 

  • Generally ensuring that you benefit from applicable discounts, pay only appropriate fees, and recieve adequate coverage. 



5543 Edmonson Pike, Suite 188 Nashville TN 37211

5543 Edmonson Pike, Suite 188 Nashville TN 37211

Email: or call (931)709-1828