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NPREX is a marketplace designed to facilitate direct licensing between Music Users and Music Creators. Click HERE to read more detail about NPREX. This page is specifically for Radio Owners  to set up accounts extremely easily. As mentioned in the video presentation which can be viewed HERE(coming soon), there is a current goal and a future goal by signing up with NPREX. 
CURRENT GOALS (Next 6-12 Months)
Build up critical mass and the leverage needed to bring on more content/music owners.  As they see potnential buyers, they will bring content (songs) to NPREX for direct licensing at cheaper prices. Why? Because they know this kind of direct licensing is not only a better deal for music users (you) but also results in increased royalties because of the efficiencies of the process. As more content is provided, it will then result in increased opportunity to save on licensing fees. NPREX will also be establishing with BMI and ASCAP the standard calcuation for you to have your fees discounted. This one time process has to be in place in order for you to save money.
FUTURE GOALS (1 Year and Beyond)
When there is music being offered to directly license, then you, as a music user, will have the option to enter into direct licensing agreements. Every time you direct license, BMI and ASCAP are required to discount the fees you pay to them to account for the amount of direct licensed songs you are using. Not only will an NPREX/NPREX Brokerage administer this on your behalf, but you will begin to see savings on your licensing fees.
It is important to understand there is NO Cost and No Obligation in signing up.  It simply helps build the potential customer base. Even when direct licenses are offered you have 100% option to enter into Direct License or not.  
There are only three primary pieces of information we need to establish and account. 
  • Basic Profile Information (Name, address, email , etc)
  • Information from your most recent BMI or ASCAP RMLC Annual Report. This simply tells us which stations are licensed, and if it is a Blanket or Per Program license. This will ultimately allow us to request and apply discounts related to direct licensing. This can be be uploaded or entered in the submission form. 
  • Broker Agreement/NPREX - This will be required before you enter into any direct licensing deals. This allows NPREX Brokerage/NPREX to act on your behalf only as it relates to Direct Licensing issues.  In Addition, it sets a few important NPREX guidelines to make sure everyone is operating in a fair and appropriate manner.
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