Frequently Asked Questions-Schools


What is NPREX?

NPREX is a patented licensing platform that allows copyright owners (publishers) and music users (schools/arrangers) to enter into direct music licensing agreements.

What is ClearMusic?

ClearMusic is the preferred broker for NPREX. ClearMusic is here to help you use the NPREX licensing platform to your benefit. ClearMusic will help you manage your account and set up direct custom arrangement licensing agreements using NPREX. ClearMusic is your partner throughout the entire process.

Can I obtain all my custom arrangement licenses through NPREX?

You can secure direct licenses for the songs of any publishers who offer custom arrangement licenses through NPREX. If you request songs that are not yet available through NPREX, NPREX will contact each publisher to enlist its participation. The faster arrangers and schools come to NPREX the faster music publishers will join you.

How much does a license cost?

As a marketplace where an arranger and music publisher can transact at a willing buyer-willing seller price, NPREX takes no role in setting prices. Rather, it just gives the parties a transactional platform where the parties can come to a mutually agreeable price. The answer to this question is simply that a license costs what the buyer and seller of the license agree that it costs.

How does this work?

NPREX consolidates the entire process so that it is not complicated. It works like this:

The first step is for the school to request a list of songs through ClearMusic. The next step is for ClearMusic to respond with the available songs.

The following is a simple version of what can take place in NPREX.


  1. Say Publisher 1 has a catalog of 100 songs. The publisher sets up an offer to sell a license to these songs. Say that the price per song is $100.
  2. Meanwhile, Publisher 2 has a catalogue of 1,000 songs. This publisher makes an offer to sell a license to this catalogue. Say its price is $125 per song.
  3. NPREX accounts for the ownership share of each publisher on a work.

Music Users

  1. A Music User (Music Director or Arranger) establishes its maximum willingness to pay for each song. Say that a music user’s budget is $800. It hopes to pay $100 per song and plans to develop a show containing about 8 songs.
  2. ClearMusic sets up an offer where its bid is $100 per song.
  3. The NPREX platform searches all offers of publishers. If the ask price of a publisher is less than the bid of the music user, NPREX matches the publisher and the music user. The result of a match is a license. The pricing term in the license is the ask price of the publisher.
  4. You now have access to license any songs in these catalogs. Even so, no money changes hands until a transaction is settled by the music user.

How do I request licenses?

Currently, to request licenses send the following items to

  1. School Name
  2. What is the maximum price per song you are willing to pay?
  3. A list of Title/Artist for review again NPREX's databse.
(This functionality is being automated and will soon be submitted and tracked via the website)