Music Directors and Custom Arrangers

As a music director or a custom arranger, you are an essential part of the creation and production of the many types of music programs that educate and entertain followers of the arts. 

One of the primary needs for show choirs, marching bands, drum and bugle corps, as well as arrangers is securing licenses to create custom arrangements. As you know, this can be a challenge. 


ClearMusic is your Partner.


ClearMusic will obtain the licenses you need.


ClearMusic is the preferred broker on NPREX, a patented platform that facilitates direct licensing transactions. NPREX makes buying licenses directly from copyright owners easy and efficient. Here are some of the benefits of directly licensing through NPREX:


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  • You pay only when you enter into a license for a song(s).

  • ClearMusic will manage the entire licensing process for you!

Signing up today allows you to:

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