Music Directors and Custom Arrangers

As a music director or a custom arranger, you are an essential part of the creation and production of the many types of music programs that educate and entertain followers of the arts. 

One of the primary needs for show choirs, marching bands, drum and bugle corps, as well as arrangers is securing licenses to create custom arrangements. As you know, this can be a challenge. 


ClearMusic is your Partner.


ClearMusic will obtain the licenses you need.


ClearMusic is the preferred broker on NPREX, a patented platform that facilitates direct licensing transactions. NPREX makes buying licenses directly from copyright owners easy and efficient. Here are some of the benefits of directly licensing through NPREX:


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  • You pay only when you enter into a license for a song(s).

  • ClearMusic will manage the entire licensing process for you!

Music Directors and Arrangers,


First, I would like to thank you for your patience as we have been engaging the custom arrangement licensing world.  Our efforts in trying to provide an alternative solution to obtaining custom arrangement licenses has certainly seem lots of excitement and interest from directors and arrangers and it is greatly appreciated. 


What we have learned as we talked to each of the large music publishers about this topic is that most of the large music publishers have signed exclusive print rights to Hal Leonard. For those not familiar with exclusive licenses, it means the publishers have locked themselves into print deals (and thus custom arrangement deals) with Hal Leonard alone. They cannot grant those rights to anyone else until the term of their agreement expires.  We thought there was the potential of this early on after hearing from several in the custom arrangement industry. We did however continue to pursue each publisher to determine their scenario. This is unfortunate in that for now, it prevents anyone else from stepping into this space.  You should know that NPREX/ClearMusic are focused on providing direct licensing solutions to the industry at large for rights such as performance, sync, and mechanical. As we have talked to the largest publishers, they have told us these are the areas they want to focus on as in reality the sum total of custom arrangement licenses is small in comparison to the other rights.


So where does that leave NPREX/ClearMusic regarding custom arrangements? Well, we are not done, we will continue to pursue this great need, but we will need to wait out these agreements.  We feel our continued work in providing services in other licenses will naturally progress to custom arrangement licenses among other micro licenses. We will continue to pursue this strategically as we work to bring a new licensing mechanism to the industry.


With that said, we also want to be totally transparent and do not want to promise what cannot be delivered at this time. So, we will suspend submission of custom arrangement requests until we can work out some significant pathways to licensing custom arrangements through NPREX.  The existing song requests provide a great proof of concept that people are looking for alternative methods of licensing.


We encourage you to continue to follow NPREX/ClearMusic as we work to establish much needed alternatives for the licensing industry that we anticipate will ultimately impact the custom arrangement licensing world as well. There is much opportunity.


Thanks again for your support and we look forward to continuing this conversation.


Jeremy Smith

President & CEO

ClearMusic, LLC

(Wholly owned by NPREX)

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